Wednesday, January 23, 2013

maid, helper, etc

there this one indon lady who wants to work for me. as a maid. i dont mind paying her a lot because my baby likes her. the best part is, sekarang ni humaira happy betul sampai dekat nursery. so i dont have to worry leaving her at the nursery sampai pukul 8 pon. she eats well, plays well, sleeps well. bad part is.. well, my baby suka sangat dengan indon ni.

oh well.

so we have officially berpindah di rumah baru. rumah dah lama siap. rumah dah lama di deco. now after a while we decided to sleep at the house. tapi hujung minggu sahaja.. hahaha. ala, lepas abes pantang, kitaorg will move for good, insyaallah.

so having a stranger in the house tak best. i dont get to do what i love to do. i dont like other people to do the laundry. my tekak cannot accept makanan tak sedap. and if i were to hire her, i cannot tinggalkan her with my babies dekat rumah. my house to my workplace memang jaaaaaauhh.

but humaira likes her a lot. so i get to do stuff i like at my own house. baking. cleaning, gardening - eh tak. but then whats the purpose of having a maid if im the one yang buat kerja segala. welll, apparently i need a maid to jaga my babies kejap2 je.

suami is not keen having a maid in our house also (yeah, although he's so used having one at his parents house). if only we stay in kl, i think no trouble kot.

so far, i still okay lagi. my husband helps a lot- he cleans the house. he takes care of humaira while mummy is busy doing something else- sleeping for eg.  now that im so sarat, kadang2 termengah2 masak (yes, i cook ladies!- finally)

pasal baby no 2, we still havent decide nak mintak siapa jaga nanti. we have checked few known places yg boleh jaga infant and ya allah, price macam nak masuk school mahal je. but if thats the only choice, we have to bear with it.. humaira punye nursery pon dah almost 850 including ot and all. oh anak2, no new car for us this year. and this place we checked cost around 1.3k per month. faints. there goes my salary...perhaps i need to find a housewife or a babysitter yang nak jaga baby.....

husband, i think we need to find a second house already. that is closer to our workplace.....


sweetlavender86 said...

mahalnyee nursery humaira.pewww..nowadays mmg la nursery mahal sgt..zura igt nursery anak je dah mahal.2 org dah 600 tak masuk ot lagi.rupenyee ada yg lagi mahal.haha..rasenye duit gaji habis bayr kot nursery anak je kot.huhu

Cik Hazz said...

i also tgh cari a live-out maid/helper. lg mahal lah pulak dr live-in maid. and mostly they are pilipinos. Like u said, i pun tak suka org asing tinggal sekali. xda privacy.

cha said...

yg i dgr nak masuk nursery pun mahal dia lebih dr nak masuk sekolah rendah. ni kan pulak 2 orang kan mesti lebih la kosnya

btw salam kenal :)

sha said...

oh myyyy... mahalnya kat kl ya. sgt bersyukur la dok jb ni i hantar danish and baby aaira from 7am till 6.30pm cuma rm500 per mth. huhu