Wednesday, March 2, 2011

beautiful baju nikah

akad nikah (/solemnization) was the highlight of my wedding. my french lace cost us a bomb- we ask the sa to keep it once we confirmed our engagement. so we kinda keep it for almost a year and bayar sikit-sikit. yes, you heard me right. we pay in installments. crazy kan? as for me, i'm not into french heavy beaded lace. i know the reason why mom choose kirana is because kirana is the guru of the beading. yes. she is the master of all beading. you should check her bridal collections- i almost cry looking at how detail the work is. so, if you are appreciate these things, get solstiss french lace and ask kirana to do the most awesome baju nikah ever.

i know my design is a bit repetitive. you can see soooo many brides wearing almost the same design. of course- it was inspired by grace kelly's wedding dress. it was a dream come true when kirana agrees to do with some lil adjustments here and there. although at some point im torn with baju kurung pahang. yes, you can never go wrong with baju tradisional. but its my wedding- and i want baju macam grace kelly.

oh i have saved a lot of gambar baju nikah but at some points i can only remember a few- you know why? because i cant take them out from my head. of course these are from the real wedding brides. some i know from the blogging world- some i dont. but, in case you need ideas how a baju nikah should look like...i have saved some of them that i think the designs are superb.

everything abt her akad nikah was so perfect. carcosa+najeeb+syaiful+qippy=perfecto
attires by syaiful baharim. her shoes are TDF. her baju is one of my fav! tell me, have u seen this design before? i have not!

niki had al rawsha to cater her akad nikah. how cool is that? i wouldnt want to share my lamb mandy if i were to hire al rawsha. hehe.she had chiavari chairs..attires by cosry. that veil is OH-MY-G!

imho, this is THE design that never goes out of style. its simple and its beautiful. i always saved up syomir's beautiful designs in my folder but never had a courage to give him a call. can somebody tell me how much he charges roughly? dont start with 2k and above because the last time i had him to quote for a baju he gave me a starting 4k number. anyway, good news ladies, tahirah is planning to rent out her wedding dresses. do visit her blog k?

another baju by the talented syomir izwa. the bride herself pon mmg dah lawa sangat plus the baju..i love the detailing he did. i remember asking syomir how much is this baju and he quoted 3k++. hm. okayla, pretty reasonable because there arent much beading works done. a good job because she didnt choose the white coloured type of baju nikah. plus, this is one of my fav colour-thats why she's in my list.

i'm sure there are a lot more- but all i can say these are the baju that i still remember until today. i will try to godek my hard disc and will write another entry on beautiful baju nikah-part 2 (iA). in the mean time, let me know if you have found any beautiful baju nikah and please share with me.

happy wednesday!


0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

suka yg first dengan yang last. ehehe. sangat marvelous!

Rina Sharif said...

salam lawat..

haa ni nak tambah komen on my baju nikah..

my baju nikah dah terburai all manik because of kecuaian dobi!! oh so tragis!!! sob sob

bitsANDpieces said...

semua pon marvelous. hhehe

oh kalau jadi maca tuh dekat i, i nangis tak berlagu kot? lepas tu u buat ape? htr dekat tailor blk ke?

LisaLisut said...

semua pun goregous.yeaaa i love to bits baju nikah Niki *drooling* sayangnya,i telah splurge more on kain tapi pergi anta ke tailor biasa budget nk anta ke designer dah..tak berapa bijak dan takde proper planning namanya ni.huhu. nvm. tak mau dwell much pasrah jela ;)

best kan tahirah dah open for rent.weee!

Queen Mummy said...

Terasa famous kejap! hehe..

Thank you thank you.

I love everything about my nikah too!!! Its been 2 years since nikah. Time flies...

Love ur nikah baju too!

Suzie said...

3k?ternganga jap..hehe..but beading mmg superb la,baju nikah personally i rasa tak lengkap tanpa beading works

reena said...

Suka semua! Seriously semua cantik.

Anonymous said...

OMG Kak Heed! Your pic masuk Ratu Sehari latest edition!! :D