Monday, December 6, 2010

(Review) Make Up Artist: Najeeb Azami

I know I've said this gazillion times before that I didn't do any facial at all nor intend to do one (not a day before, not a month before nor a year before). I'm not use to it. I know that facials will make you feel great, make your skin glows but for me-  I just don't want to spend another hundreds (or maybe thousands) just to make my skin extra glowing on my big day. Besides, you need to do it (facials) as a routine- I bet you want to glow for the rest of your life right?

As for me, seriously I don't give a damn. I don't wear make ups. I don't even own a compact powder. I don't even wear lipstick to work. Hahaha. no wonder ppl keep asking me "are you sick, hidayah?" So, if you happen to meet outside, jangan terkejut pulak kalau tengok mata lebam saya ini. :P

Then comes to the favourite question :- how much do you spend for your bridal make ups?

Hahaha, after the incident-  I've always knew I wanted Sue (Sue Cantik) to doll me up. Too bad Sue wasnt available on my nikah day (later I found out the person who were supposed to doll up by Sue on my nikah bailed her - !#!##!) I prefer to take the same person to do one task. Susah lah nak ambil MUA (Make Up Artist) a for nikah, lepas tuh MUA b for reception, MUA c for bertandang. Nanti lain2 result- aku pulak yang stress out.

I've called few other MUAs- tapi semua pon tak available.  Ada yang available tapi kerek gila.

Then I found out another (famous) make up artist. I am an avid reader of Drama Queen's blog. She's beautiful (that's for sure)- she had the most gorgeous nikah outfit (until now I still dream of having the same baju- lol) and her make up was flawless.  She then told me she had Najeeb as her mua.

And I was like - "er sape eh Najeeb?" I had to google him and later found out that he always do Datuk CT's make up.  Oh, baru tahu. Heh (Najeeb, in case you are reading this- I am so sorry!)

Then I tried to google him lagi, can't find his number, lepas tuh terus berusaha and jumpa Najeeb on Facebook.  And terus send him private message tanya "r u the real najeeb?" hahahahahah.  And the rest is history.

Sangat mudah berurusan dengan Najeeb sebab dia sendiri yang akan angkat telefon sendiri (+1point) reply message sendiri- although kadang2 was-was takut pisang berbuah 2 kali. 

Najeeb was verrrrrry punctual (+2 points for that!).  He arrived dalam pukul 9- start mekap dlm pukul 9.30 (sebab bride tergedik2 baru nak mandi)...and he is uh-maaa-zing. He talks a lot too and gossips a lot too (+2 points). and the best part was, I've got to speak to the REAL CHOMEL, (2 points!) and complaint about the FAKE CHOMEL. Kesian dekat REAL CHOMEL. I promised to write another entry pasal ni, because I've found out that a bride (in kuantan) bayar rm4k dekat FAKE CHOMEL to do mekap for 2 events.

I seriously love the way I look during my nikah. (Gotta brag about myself- starting nowwww) I look ayu (I'm supposed to look that way kan?), I look sweet (hahaha) and beautiful (That's how bride should feel kannnn?).  (+3points for that!!!)

Some say you need a trial makeup session before your wedding. I would say no, IF you've hired good make up artist! Whats the purpose of hiring them if you don't trust them? And trust me , you will look different during your trial session than your actual day. Because usually during trial session you will talk/dream a lot- eg: " i nak u mekap i cantik macam erra fazira" - lol tapi masa on ur big day, tak sempat nak fikir nak cantik macam siapa. I'm sure the MUAs know best- they know which colour suits you the best.

I've never met Najeeb before and I fully trust him to do the magic!. This guy is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! So apa lagi, mari add dia di facebook.

To Najeeb- I will never stop recommending you to my friends&families. Awesome job, Najeeb!! Perfect to my taste. Money worth spending. No regrets.

Najeeb, i love you. xo.

To Hubby, I love you most. Heh.


p/s girls. can't reveal his phone number here- in case you want his number (& price) kindly message him personally through facebook.


Queen Mummy said...

Yeayyy!!! I love Najeeb too!

Love love love your makeup during nikah! It makes me miss mine a lot!

Glad you hired him!

Btw, it's me. Drama Queen..but dah tukar nama cuz no more drama now since I became a mum! lol

bitsANDpieces said...

@drama queen

i still love calling u drama queen!!!!- comel je- ur daughter is turning like you-lol.

i glad too. seriously, feels like nak bersanding sekali lagi :P

your daughter's "pelamin" memang da bomb lah!!!!

A W E E N N Y E said...

najeeb ni dulu pembantu nurol shukor =)
so sekarang dia dah pandai make up mcm sifu dia .. =)

u look niceee n sweet

wande-ful said...

u look so cantik on your nikah day..
I`m wondering you pakai contact lens ape yer?

mencantikkan lagi mata u yg dah sedia cantik tuh.


Selamat pengantin baru ~

Suzie said...

u're so pretty,the make up enhances that moreeeee :)

when the gaze of my eyes meets yours said...

tudung sangat cantik.......!!!!mind to let me know tempah kat mana?TQ!

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

saya takde FB, so camne nak tanye najeeb tu. sis, kindly email me the price boleh? kalau boleh, this is my email thanks.

DalilaMian said...

email me the price too dear!

najeebazami said...

tq so much heed, im glad that u happy with my makeup...i lagiiii happy...u apa khabar? lama tk dgr cite....anyway..(aweennye) i belum pernah jadi assistant nye kalau dapt hehe :)...for sesiapa nk emel to me ...this is my emel

farah said...

Hi got really intrigued with Najeeb Azami's work and your commentary on him...getting martried soon as well, mind if I have his contact number please?
my email is